Tangqiao free wifi Top level L28/28

Hi,guys, this kind of shared apt is perfect for foreigners who are new to shanghai, cuz we provide free wifi and cleaners twice a month, and you can have a chance to live with international roommates. And besides you don’t have to worry about safety. ( read original story ...)

HTC announces ‘affordable wireless’ VR headset for China

HTC has announced its preparation for a new Vive Standalone VR headset with no wires for the Chinese market at the China’s biggest gaming event in Shanghai ... The announcement about a “wireless and an affordable” VR headset comes days after reports ... ( read original story ...)

BLU R1 HD phones are still selling your details

The product’s makers, Shanghai Adups Technology, said at the time it was a mistake, but Kryptowire found the software provider is still making the same "mistake" on other phones. At the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas yesterday, Kryptowire ... ( read original story ...)

How satellites are rebooting building design

One example was the 2004 Arup-planned proposal to build China’s first eco-city, named Dongtan, on a swampy island off Shanghai. After substantial ... emerging techniques of architectural lighting. Technology-experimental cross-disciplinary researchers ... ( read original story ...)