Shanghai tops Beijing in most commercially attractive city

Shanghai has overtaken Beijing to become the city with most commercial attraction in the four first-tier cities, according to a report by the China Business Network. Shanghai scored 188.55, ranking first this year, the report said, followed by Beijing (186 ... ( read original story ...)

Freer trade brings fresher milk to Shanghai

"We could only sell 2,300 one-liter bottles in September last year in Shanghai when we started the business, and sales in April rocketed to more than 60,000 bottles three months after the new policy was implemented," said Sheng Wenhao, board chair of ... ( read original story ...)

‘Small-town kids’ shape future of China’s consumption

“If I were to live in Beijing or Shanghai, I’d never be able to afford the lifestyle I’m having now,” said Wu. Until now, China’s consumption has been led by residents of the capital and free-spending coastal cities. But the hinterland has been ... ( read original story ...)