Coming Cyber War #22

How a hacker took over Tel Aviv's public wifi system. Insurance companies are grappling with ... Originally, it was just Shanghai Adups Technology's system, but now also includes the Ragentek Group. The FBI hacked over 8,000 computers in 120 countries ... ( read original story ...)

Bursting bubbles in China’s stock market

Our study uses the SADF and GSADF tests to identify the origin and termination of bubbles in the Shanghai A-share stock market. We employ data from the price index of the Shanghai A-share stock market and the dividend yield of the 1061 listed companies in ... ( read original story ...)

DJI Opens Its Second China Flagship Store In Shanghai

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial vehicle technology, will open the doors of its Shanghai flagship store to the public on December 10, giving residents of China's largest city the opportunity to explore ... ( read original story ...)

Is business travel ruining your family life?

It sounds glamorous, right? But business travel often comes at a cost to your family life. What do you do when you're stuck in Shanghai on your wedding anniversary? Or absent in America on your child's birthday? Maintaining solid, loving relationships with ... ( read original story ...)