Shanghai Enforces Stricter Smoking Ban in Public Place

But, experts pointed out that such a move was still insufficient to protect people from the ill-effects of secondhand smoke, which led to the passage of the latest anti-smoking regulation. Based on the latest figures from the Shanghai Health and Family ... ( read original story ...)

Shure Wireless supports Shanghai Chinese Orchestra

SHANGHAI, CHINA – For the first time ever, the 18th Shanghai International Arts Festival kicked off with a traditional Chinese folk music concert, Folk Music along the Sea, which is the latest original music by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. ( read original story ...)

Shanghai Police Clamp Down on Food Deliverymen

However, the ubiquity of food delivery bikes zooming through crowded streets and sidewalks have led to an increase in accidents. Last year, 60 percent of all traffic accidents resulting in death or injury in Shanghai were caused by incidents involving food ... ( read original story ...)

street tracker electric custom motorcycle by shanghai customs

shanghai customs noticed from the beginning of the proect ... the ‘street tracker’ aims to bridge this gap by offering innovative technology inside its familiar 1978-inspired shape. featuring a 72 V 80 amp lithium-ion battery, paired with a 5000 ... ( read original story ...)