China's Stocks Refuse to Drop More Than 1%

Shanghai gauge has longest stretch without 1% fall since 1992 CSRC said to seek market stability by limiting index losses In a Chinese stock market where superstition and government intervention often count for more than economic fundamentals, unusual ... ( read original story ...)

Market quiz: Why do Chinese stocks not fall more than 1%?

The theory may have merit: China’s securities regulator has this year sought to stabilize the stock market by limiting the extent of declines in the Shanghai Composite, according to people familiar with the strategy, who asked not to be identified ... ( read original story ...)

Chinese stock market regulator steps up war on speculators

The Chinese stock market regulator has escalated its war on speculators ... to conduct real-time oversight and restrict abnormal trading. The CSRC and the Shanghai exchange say they will particularly focus their attention on preventing speculation in ... ( read original story ...)