Shanghai Entrepreneurs: Chang Rui

Although I found myself to be competitive in my home province after graduating, I decided to come to Shanghai because I love the city. Later on I received my MBA from Antai College of SJTU. What are the biggest challenges for setting up a business here? ( read original story ...)

Shanghai luxury homes shrink; prices stay high

A big trend toward small things is well under way in Shanghai's luxury real estate market. The metropolis' stratospheric housing prices are forcing developers to downsize high-end properties to make them affordable. "Shanghai's luxury real estate market ... ( read original story ...)

Is business travel ruining your family life?

It sounds glamorous, right? But business travel often comes at a cost to your family life. What do you do when you're stuck in Shanghai on your wedding anniversary? Or absent in America on your child's birthday? Maintaining solid, loving relationships with ... ( read original story ...)

The 10 craziest things I saw at Disneyland in Shanghai

Disneyland just opened in Shanghai. • There are some notable differences between a US Disneyland and its Chinese counterpart. • From traditional Chinese toilets to ride certificates, Shanghai's Disney is a trip in more ways than one. Last week ... ( read original story ...)

Shanghai Malin completes Silver Fern Farms purchase

China's Shanghai Maling has completed its purchase of a controlling ... The cooperative now holds $57 million in cash, alongside its 50 percent stake in the new business. The redemption of approximately $5 million in remaining supplier investment shares ... ( read original story ...)

Shanghai Electric agrees to share business plan with GoP

M/s Shanghai Electric Power (SEP), the new intended buyer of 66.4 per cent shares of Karachi Electric (KE) has agreed to share its top secret business plan with the government of Pakistan directly instead of through Abraaj Group of Dubai, well-informed ... ( read original story ...)